We Are Here To Serve The Community And The Plant! In Wake Of Legalizing States Across The Country, We Are Here To Cultivate Not Only Cannabis, But A Community Of Gardeners Learning From Each Other And The Plant!


Wyatt Club genetics were donated by a Virginia OG who has served the cannabis community and tribe for more than 40 years. Dedicated to bringing the benefits and knowledge of the Cannabis plant to all who desire her

Wyatt clubs first NFSOT genetic is a feminized autoflowering cross of Bear OG, Karma’s OG Cut, and Triangle Kush which is perfect for beginner or advanced cultivators alike and a gift of these genetics can be requested by Wyatt Club members at no cost.

Once you have your Wyatt Club genetics, we encourage you to photograph, videotape and/or post your journey of growth on the Wyatt Club Community Blog! When your grow is complete we ask you to share your bountiful harvest with friends and family in need and share your knowledge with all your communities.

Our story


Members Gain Access To A Community Of Expert Growers Who Are Available For Advise, And Expertise. The Opportunity To Grow Alongside One Another Learning From Each Other With Access To Genetics And Knowledge That Will Help Us All Grow A Better Future