Overcome Active Relief 20mg CBD/A Capsules – 30ct


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Suggested Use: Start with 1-2 capsules daily. Increase as needed, or as directed by your physician.

It usually takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour to feel the effects of Overcome Active Relief Capsules. For best results, take the product with a high fat snack. Effectiveness may depend on cannabinoid tolerance.

While the capsules can be taken at any time, this formula may have a slight energizing effect, making it less suitable for nighttime use.

What is CBDA?

Overcome Active Relief capsules are formulated with a equal combination of CBD + CBDA. While you probably have heard of CBD or cannabidiol, few have likely heard of CBDA; however, CBDA is just as important of a cannabinoid if not more important than CBD in some instances. 

CBDA is an acronym for cannabidiolic-acid. CBDA is the raw form, or unheated form of CBD. CBDA is what the hemp plant and cannabis plant actually produces in the raw flower of the plant. CBDA actually starts from the mother cannabinoid CBGA and converts naturally to CBDA depending on the genetics of the plant. Upon harvesting the plant, the floral material is dried and extracted. During the extraction process, the CBDA transforms into CBD by heating the plant material; however, certain extraction processes preserve the acidic compound of CBDA allowing for this important cannabinoid to remain intact. 

CBDA is a more potent form of CBD for specific purposes. In particular research points to CBDA as a COX2 inhibitor. COX2 inhibitors are considered a newer NSAID which block the COX-2 enzyme at the site of inflammation. This allows for the reduction of inflammation, pain and fever. 

Why use CBDA?

As previously explained CBDA can be considered a COX-2 inhibitor, making CBDA an excellent choice for relief and recovery particularly from exercise-induced inflammation.  In addition research has showcased CBDA’s potential to support relief from upset stomach and stress. 

Why Overcome Active Relief? 

Overcome Active Relief’s formula utilizes whole plant extract that maintains the CBDA within the extract while also including CBD. Since the extraction process is less intensive than other techniques, it also maintains many of the important terpenes and flavonoids that aid in the entourage effect, making the product more effective. 

Speaking of efficacy, Overcome Active Relief capsules also are formulated with Naturia+, a patented delivery system that organically improves bioavailability, or absorption in the body. Traditional CBD oils and softgels have very low absorption rates because they compounds are quickly degraded in the liver before they circulate throughout the body. This means little effect is gained from consumption of these formulations.

Conversely, Naturia+ allows for optimized absorption by by-passing the liver, entering the intestinal wall and circulating throughout the lymphatic system before degradation. In addition, unlike nano-particles which also help achieve this goal but have limited safety data, Naturia+ captures a natural process in the body and does so in a way that is considered Generally Recognized As Safe in accordance with the FDA.

This means products like Overcome Active Relief CBD + CBDA capsules which contain Naturia+ provide improved absorption into the body meaning the product is more efficacious.


Product Ingredients: Cream, Rice fiber, Organic tapioca starch, Organic gum arabic, Organic Sunflower oil, Organic agave fiber (fructan), Full spectrum hemp cannabinoid extract, Organic hempseed oil, Vegetable capsule

Allergens: Contains Milk


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